Drugs can be overcome!!!

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Hi.  My name is Paul.  I am from South Africa and I was a drug addict for 14 yrs of my life.  I was addicted to coke, heroin & crack.  I am now clean for almost 4 yrs & have since given my life to helping young people overcome addiction & to help them be more aware of the choices they make.

My addiction took me on a long hard dark journey of crime & gangsterism.  I was a straight A student at school but just made horrible choices thereafter.  I am a christian.  I have now dedicated the rest of my life to serving others in my country & would really like to learn from you guys how to better what i have alredy started.  I started an organization called YOUTH ARISE S.A.(YASA).  The main focus now being substance abuse awareness & education in schools & communities, with the long term vision being a fully fledged youth development programme throughout Africa.  I have developed a six-week in-school programme.

I also do interventions with families who have loved ones on drugs.  I work with a network of treatment facilities in which i have the affected individuals placed.

I live on a farm in Johannesburg where we run a post rehab programme.  Our main focus is recovery & later reintergration.  Its a long-term programme.

Please could you guys share with me on how i can develop my organisation further for a bigger impact on our society.

Drugs robbed me of a lot of my true potential & i really dont want it to happen to the youth of my country & the rest of the world.

Take care & GOD bless!!!!

Paul James


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    December 20, 2016 at 10:31 AM

    Congratulations on your recovery, Paul, and for all the great work you’re doing in your community. All the best to you!

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