Coming Clean

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I was very deep into drug abuse. From the day I was born, I was around drugs and alcohol. It was normal to me. My mother was addicted to crack cocaine and my father was selling every drug and gun in the book. I was around gangs as well. My whole father's side of the family are Latin Kings.

I grew up living with my grandma because my mother had lost custody of me due to neglect. I was being brought to drug dealers houses for my mother to feed her addiction. I started using drugs at the age of 4. I smoked my first joint with my mother at that age. I finally started using on a daily basis when I was 10.

I used weed to start out with, and then slowly over the years, it turned into more than that. I started taking sleeping pills, then Xanax, then Oxycontin, and Oxycodone and drinking all the time. I was hanging around everyone that was older than me, at least 21 so they could buy alcohol. My two best friends were recovering heroin addicts, so the drug was always around. I was doing xanax on a daily basis, snorting and shooting it to get as high as I could. I was drinking from the time I woke up, until I literally passed out where I was sitting or standing. I was smoking crack, snorting and shooting coke, snorting, shooting, and smoking heroin, doing molly, Taking all types of opiate pills, including fentanyl, and doing acid, and shrooms. This was an every day thing.

I got locked up in May of 2015 for multiple charges. I was in the gang with my father at this point, the Latin Kings, and was charged with Gang membership, Armed robbery, Carrying concealed firearm, possession, and distribution of heroin, over 25 Grams.

I have been clean ever since then, and have changed my way of life.

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