A change for the better

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At 15 i started smoking marijuana by 18 i started to drink daily ... Took me 5 yrs to enroll my self into rehab... And at this point i had a 3 yr old daughter! Finishd treatmnt 1 yr later i got a new job benifits and all got married ... Got a car... And after that a house..... I ended up gettn a small surgery and they prescribed me pain meds! :( thats wen a new addiction started! Wen to rehab 2x for this ... And it was not easy!  But now i have 4 yrs sober and recently stoped smoking as well!  Its hard but we need to do it for ourselves if we want to live! Its a hole new life not deppending on garbage to feel good! ? Feel good? Yeah right! Feel like crap! Just puttn poison in your body and minimizing your life time! There is a different life other than just beign a junkie!! Trust me!! Ive ben there soooo many times!!! Now im still married to the same person! My wife friend and supporter .. I have 2 girls and one boy! Were able to get a home again... We each have our cars and jobs...:) god is good!!!  Sobriety is good!!!

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