Susannah Sanchez-Agosto

Helpline Specialist II

Susannah Sanchez-Agosto specializes in providing direct services to families and caregivers seeking help for their child’s substance use or addiction. Susannah is able to provide services in both English and Spanish. She plays an active role in advocating for Latino families and providing psychoeducation on resources available to them. Susannah is a Mental Health Counselor who graduated from Queens College CUNY with a B.A. in psychology and completed her master’s degree at Nyack College, specializing in the study of theology and psychology.

Susannah has been in the mental health and social services field for over 15 years. Susannah focuses on employing the CRAFT model and motivational interviewing strategies in conversations to help support positive changes in families. Susannah is able to direct parents/caregivers to appropriate services and resources by understanding their loved one’s substance use. Susannah also reminds parents/caregivers about their need for and the importance of self-care and support.

In addition to these responsibilities, Susannah is also employed with the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene for the city of New York. Susannah is a Certified National Mental Health First Aid Trainer and works on the quality assurance team. Susannah has also provided leadership within her mental health role on the incident command system team in the city’s response to the COVID pandemic.

Susannah has garnered years of rich clinical experience as a mental health counselor, substance use counselor, public health advocate, national trainer, family development resource specialist and more. Susannah is currently working toward achieving her certification as a Certified Coach where she will continue to use her clinical skills to empower others.

Susannah is valued for her ability to provide empathy, care, professionalism and a sense of hope to all families with their road toward recovery.