Rhea Galsim

Technical Support Representative

Rhea Galsim oversees the development of new capabilities, software support for our family engagement platform and the development of documentation and process improvements for helpline specialists and volunteer parent coaches.

Rhea has a background in digital marketing, communications and cybersecurity. Previously a marketing consultant for a Fortune 100 client and a senior analyst at American Express, she is well versed in communicating technical requirements across various teams in a way that users can understand. She is passionate about the nonprofit sector and previously was a cybersecurity consultant for a K-12 charter school in Chicago, Ill. In addition to her work at Partnership to End Addiction, she advocates for community improvement and cybersecurity education. She managed the development of sponsorship communications and founded new chapters as both a communications director and board member at CyberSecurity Non-Profit (CSNP), an international nonprofit that provides high-quality cybersecurity events and education at no cost, and is an advisory board Member at Code Fellows, a programming and cybersecurity education program based in Seattle, Wash.

Rhea is a native of Astoria, NY. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in business management and marketing from St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights, N.Y., and completed a cyber-security boot camp at Evolve Security in Chicago, Ill.