Rachel Vitale

Helpline Reserve Specialist I

Rachel Vitale is a proud mental health professional with experience working in behavioral health research, digital health technologies and crisis counseling. Rachel currently provides direct services to families and caregivers seeking help for their child’s substance use or addiction.

In the past, Rachel conducted research at the Center for Addiction Services and Personalized Interventions Research (CASPIR) at Northwell Health, where she looked at psychotherapy and telehealth interventions to help individuals moderate their alcohol use. During her time at CASPIR, Rachel received extensive clinical training in motivational interviewing under the supervision of Dr. Jon Morgenstern. In addition, Rachel directed a research study looking at impulsivity in the real-world by way of a mobile application called the Digital Marshmallow Test, in collaboration with Cornell Tech and under the supervision of Dr. Fred Muench.

Rachel has also served as a Crisis Counselor at the Long Island Crisis Center (LICC), connecting with and providing resources to individuals in varying crisis situations — some topics include suicide, individuals reintegrating from prison into the community, runaway youth, substance use, and the homeless. Rachel has also referred countless LGBTQ youth in crisis to Pride for Youth, an LICC partner organization dedicated to supporting LGBTQ young people in need of a safe space. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in psychology and creative writing at New York University.

Outside of her professional career, Rachel enjoys writing, meditating, and spending time with loved ones.