Margarita Betancourt-Benjamin

Helpline Specialist II

Margarita Betancourt-Benjamin provides services to families in need of assistance for their loved one’s substance misuse or addiction. Her goal is to provide parents with the proper empowerment tools of love and compassion to bring healing in their homes. She will be bringing these tools to both English and Spanish speaking households.

Margarita has over ten years of experience in the field of Human Services. During that time, she has held  a range of positions, such as a Drug Addiction Counselor who led court-ordered groups, a Mental Health Therapist serving therapeutic adolescents in a community-based setting, a Group Facilitator/Case Manager for incarcerated women, an advocate for sexual assault and domestic violence victims by providing them crisis counseling and intervention/prevention strategies, a Director of the Reach and Rise Group Mentoring Program for the YMCA, and a Behavior Prevention Specialist for substance abuse in the public school system.

In addition, Margarita is currently employed as a Group Support Facilitator with ReNew You Ornish Lifestyle Medicine for the city of Newnan, GA. She cultivates a healthy and loving environment for participants in a holistic intensive cardiac rehabilitation program.

Margarita was born in New York City, but presently resides down South since 2004. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Human Service and her Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling at Springfield College in Massachusetts.