Aradhana Srinagesh, M.P.H., C.H.E.S.

Helpline Specialist I & Senior Research Associate & Project Director, NIAAA Grant

Aradhana Srinagesh oversees Project Text Assessment and Mobile Messaging Intervention Project (TAMMI), which targets individuals seeking to reduce their drinking with the help of text messaging interventions and explores how timing and content of messages influence drinking outcomes. She is responsible for study oversight and day-to-day coordination.

Additionally, she is a Helpline Specialist I and responds to digital communications on the helpline, offering support and resources to parents and caregivers.

Her research interests include utilizing technology-based interventions, e.g., Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) and Just-in-Time Adaptive Intervention (JITAI) to explore individual differences in socializing behavior and linking behavioral patterns to psychological characteristics and life outcomes. She is also interested in contributing to closing the treatment gap by incorporating cultural competency to promote inclusivity of underserved populations. Aradhana received her Bachelor of Science degree in public health and psychology from Rutgers University-New Brunswick and her Master’s degree in public health from Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai.