Our Staff

James G. Niven

Chair, Board of Directors; Founder, Jamie Niven LLC

Kevin Ambrose

Manager of Educational Technology

Michael D. White

Vice Chair, Board of Directors; Former Chairman and CEO, DIRECTV

Pat Aussem

Associate Vice President, Consumer Clinical Content Development

Joseph A. Califano, Jr.

Founder and Chairman Emeritus

Mary Ann Badenoch

Helpline Specialist III

Karsyn Bartruff

Family and Community Support Services Assistant

Alexa Beacham

Research Assistant, System Innovation & Quality

Ann Benson

Helpline Specialist II

Candice Besson

Director, Social Media

Molly Bobek

Associate Vice President, Family and Adolescent Clinical Technology and Science (FACTS)

Lila Bruynesteyn

Research Assistant, Family and Adolescent Clinical Technology & Science (FACTS)

Liz Cairns

Director, External Partnerships

Andrea Castiello

Senior Development Specialist

Karla Castro-Soto

Associate Director, Helpline Quality Assurance

Rachel Chernick

Associate Vice President, Helpline Services and Evaluation Research

Sean Clarkin

Program Advisor

Chris Clemens

Associate Vice President, Finance, and Controller

Kevin Collins

Vice President, Family and Community Support Services

Sarah Dauber

Research Scientist & Associate Vice President, Science and Technology of Early Prevention (STEP)

Marcus Daugherty

Senior Director, System Innovation & Quality

Ayana Davis

Human Resources Specialist

Jenna Smith

Associate Director of Individual Giving

Deb Drache

Helpline Specialist III

Creighton Drury

Chief Executive Officer

Denise Young Farrell

Vice President, Content and Editorial

Adam Barea

Legal Director, Google LLC

Emily Feinstein

Chief Operating Officer

Josie Feliz

Director of Development Content and Digital Fundraising

Tracy Flynn

Staff Attorney

Ursula M. Burns

Chairman, VEON Ltd.

Sarah Forthal

Data Analyst/Senior Research Associate

Hannah Freedman

Associate Director, Communications and Content

Columba Bush

Former First Lady of Florida

Katherine Fricke

Helpline Specialist II

John Fuhrer

Compliance Specialist/Legal Assistant

Victor F. Ganzi

Chairman of the Board, PGA Tour

Lynn Galligan, P.H.R., S.H.R.M.-C.P.

Vice President, Human Resources

Rhea Galsim

Technical Support Representative

Melinda B. Hildebrand

Vice Chair, Hildebrand Foundation and Executive Chair, Episcopal High School, Houston, TX

Kamala Greene Genece

Vice President, System Innovation & Quality

Leslie Gordon Johnson

Burch Creative Capital, Marketing Strategist

Janice Guzman

Helpline Specialist II

Cori Hammond, M.P.H.

Research Associate, Science and Technology of Early Prevention (STEP)

Jennie Hauser

Office Services and Facilities Specialist

Bill Koenigsberg

Founder and CEO, Horizon Media, Inc.

Aaron Hogue, Ph.D.

Vice President, Research and Clinical Science / Family and Adolescent Clinical Technology and Science (FACTS)

Rev. Edward A. Malloy, CSC

President Emeritus, University of Notre Dame

Beth Jeffrey

Vice President, Media

Ilana Kavadlo

Director, Digital Engagement

Nelle P. Miller

Managing Director and Head of New York City for JPMorgan Private Bank

Claire Kelly

Senior Marketing Designer

Barbara Kurzweil

Library Research Specialist

Doug Morris

CEO, 12 Tone Music

Michael Kwan

Research Associate, System Innovation & Quality

Donna Lee-McLilly

Staff Accountant

Amelia Ogunlesi, O.D.

Herbert Pardes, MD

Executive Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees, New York-Presbyterian Hospital

Sara Lesch

General Counsel

Douglas Leu

Chief Technology Officer

James M. Ramstad

In Memoriam,
Former Member of Congress (MN-3)

Carla Lisio

Director, System Innovation & Quality

Helshi Lockwood

Director, Print Media

Ben Louie

Software Developer

Allen G. Rosenshine

Chairman Emeritus, BBDO Worldwide

Alexandra MacLean, MA

Manager, National Support Technical Assistance Center (NFSTAC)

Michael I. Roth

Chairman and CEO, The Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc.

David Man

Library Director

Denise Mariano

Director, Family Support and Advocacy

Clyde C. Tuggle

Co-Founder, Pine Island Capital Partners

Christina Marini

Research Associate, Helpline Services and Evaluation Research

Michelle Martinez

Helpline Specialist I & Research Associate, Science and Technology of Early Prevention (STEP)

Elizabeth Vargas

Host of A&E Investigates

JoAnn McCauley

Executive Assistant

Cindy McGulvery

Associate Vice President, Office Services and Facilities Management

Madison Moore

Associate Director, Family and Community Support Services

Emily Moyer

Chief Marketing Officer

Fred Muench


Elizabeth Mustacchio

Associate Director, Helpline Operations

Charles Neighbors

Senior Scientist

Grace Neveu

Grants Manager

Jenna Nimar

Associate Director of Corporate Relations

Robyn Oster

Research Associate, Health Law and Policy

Elisa Peña

Helpline Specialist II

Jill Plevan

Helpline Reserve Specialist II

Nicole Porter

Senior Research Associate, Family and Adolescent Clinical Technology & Science (FACTS)

Rina Randrianarivony

Research Associate, System Innovation & Quality

Linda Richter

Vice President, Prevention Research and Analysis

Andrea Roley

Vice President, Head of Communications

Catherine Ross Saavedra

Associate Director, Media Relations

Sarah Royal

Director, Content Marketing

Mithra Salmassi

Research Assistant, System Innovation & Quality & Research Assistant, Prevention Research and Analysis

Gina Samson

Chief Financial Officer

Susannah Sanchez-Agosto

Helpline Specialist II

Kaila Packett Sassano

Vice President, Development

Dina Shapiro-Luft, PhD

Research Scientist, System Innovation & Quality

Rebecca Shaw

Director, Advertising and Production

Aradhana Srinagesh, M.P.H., C.H.E.S.

Helpline Specialist I & Senior Research Associate & Project Director, NIAAA Grant

Timothy Su

Chief Information Officer

Jack Sykstus

Helpline Specialist II

Marcia Lee Taylor

Chief External and Government Relations Officer

Luis Torres

Director, Product Management

Amber Vandeyar

Executive Assistant

Rachel Vitale

Helpline Reserve Specialist I

Lindsey Vuolo

Vice President, Health Law and Policy

Cesar E. Bravo Wolfe, LICSW

Helpline Specialist II

Morgan Wu

Staff Writer and Research Associate

Rajeev Yerneni

Associate Vice President, Data Science