Most Expensive Addictive Substances are Heroin, Oxycodone and Cocaine: Study

A new study that looks at the long-term costs of addiction finds heroin, oxycodone and cocaine rank as the top three most expensive addictive substances. Each addiction costs more than a million dollars to support over a 50-year period, CNBC reports.

The average five-year cost for using heroin 10 times a day is $318,500. For oxycodone (80 milligrams once a day), the five-year cost is $132,405. For cocaine (1 gram once a day) the five-year cost is $112,840.

The American Addiction Centers calculated that people who drink 10 beers a day will end up spending more than $14,000 over five years. People who smoke 10-19 cigarettes a day will spend an average of $5,000 over five years, while people who use marijuana twice a day will spend an average of $43,000 over five years.