The company that makes the newest opioid overdose antidote, Opvee, says the treatment is well-suited to treat fentanyl overdoses, USA Today reports.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Opvee in May. The treatment’s maker, Indivior, has started shipping it to first responders and pharmacies. Opvee joins other overdose reversal medications, including Narcan. Last month, chain retailers began selling Narcan over the counter without a prescription. Harm Reduction Therapeutics, a nonprofit group, will soon make its nasal spray version of naloxone, RiVive, available to community groups.

USA Today says Indivior is trying to convince public health agencies and consumers that Opvee is a better match for fentanyl overdoses because it lasts longer than Narcan or other forms of naloxone. Some experts say because the medication lasts longer than over overdose reversal medications, the withdrawal symptoms it triggers may also last longer.