The COVID-19 pandemic is causing a disruption of treatment and support services for addiction, according to a report by the Addiction Policy Forum.

The report found that one-third of survey respondents had a disruption in their treatment or support services, and 14% said they can’t access the services or treatment they need, according to Forbes. These services include in-person support, syringe and naloxone services, and medications for addiction treatment such as methadone.

Twenty-four percent of respondents said that their own or their family member’s substance use has changed because of COVID-19, with 20% reporting increased substance use.

Addiction Policy Forum President Jessica Hulsey said the pandemic is having a profound impact on people with addiction. “The social isolation, the loss of jobs and income, grief and loss of family members, combined with being disconnected from treatment and recovery support is creating a lot of distress,” she said.