Addiction experts say they are concerned the social isolation required by the coronavirus pandemic is taking an especially big toll on people in recovery, the Tennessean reports.

Recovery from addiction involves connecting with others and sharing challenges and solutions with people who understand, experts told the newspaper. “The in-person connection is vital,” said the Rev. Carrie Fraser, Clinical and Spiritual Director for Nashville Recovery Center. “It’s important for people to have safe places where they can talk to other people where they have that connection and they’re not alone.”

Online meetings are being used in 12-step groups, but there are some issues with them, experts say. It is more difficult to stay anonymous because many people’s full names appear on Zoom meeting screens. It’s easy for participants to record the meetings. “Fear of being recorded is a new and real barrier to meetings,” said Nashville therapist and addiction specialist Antwon Bailey.

Experts recommend that people create their own private online meetings with only people they know and trust. Use the phone for one-on-one daily check-ins with trusted friends or relatives.