Annual Reports & Financials

Center on Addiction and Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, two pioneering and preeminent addiction-focused organizations, merged in 2019. Now, as Partnership to End Addiction, we provide personalized support and resources to families impacted by addiction. With decades of experience in direct services, communications and coalition-building, we mobilize families, policymakers, researchers and health care professionals to more effectively address addiction systemically on a national scale.

Center on Addiction

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

Governance and Oversight

Partnership to End Addiction holds itself to the highest nonprofit standards of fiscal transparency, allocating our generous donor funds prudently and efficiently. We operate with the utmost financial integrity and boast a large and diverse list of funders ranging from the government to foundations, corporations and individuals.

We adhere to the charity management and fundraising standards recommended by Charity Navigator and other rating agencies. Our volunteer Board of Directors is active, independent and provides fiscal oversight of the Partnership’s operations and impeccable stewardship of donor funds.