Addiction Science

Advancing care through scientific research

We conduct original research to improve the reach, accessibility and quality of substance use prevention, treatment and recovery services. Led by scientists with backgrounds in psychology, public health and social work, our work focuses on developing, testing and disseminating evidence-based interventions to families, adolescents and individuals struggling with addiction.

Our work is focused on three broad areas of study: early prevention, primary prevention, and treatment and recovery. For information or questions on any of our research, please use the contact form below.

Early prevention

This area of work targets the earliest risk factors for substance use, including prenatal substance exposure and parental substance use during infancy and early childhood.

Primary prevention

We’re focused on understanding the nature, scope, predictors and consequences of substance use and addiction among young people. We leverage this area of research to help raise awareness of and support best practices in prevention.

Family Involvement in Recovery Support and Treatment (FIRST) Research Network

FIRST is a multidisciplinary collaborative dedicated to promoting family integration in treatment and recovery services for youth with substance use disorders.

Treatment and recovery

This area of research focuses primarily on family involvement in youth substance use treatment and recovery services, adoption and sustainability of systemic family therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy for youth substance use and co-occurring problems. We aim to enhance quality improvement, treatment fidelity and implementation research on evidence-based practices across the substance use disorder (SUD) treatment system.

Our teams

Our research and technical assistance teams are driven by a passion for developing and implementing the most effective solutions for preventing and treating addiction.

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