Position Statements

We know addiction is complicated and there’s no one solution. For those seeking to learn about the topic, it can be difficult to navigate the many sources of information available on the causes and nature of substance use and addiction and how best to address their associated personal, social, economic and political consequences. Information available online can be scientifically inaccurate or outdated or driven by a biased agenda.

Ours is a public health approach, and it is rooted exclusively in science and compassion. We publish position statements on topics within the field that may be misunderstood or controversial. Each of our statements is published only after we conduct a thorough and unbiased investigation of the relevant scientific and policy literature, ensuring that our positions are deeply rooted in evidence. We also draw on the experiences of families struggling with substance or addiction who engage with our experts and resources to learn, share their stories and seek our professional and peer support. This ensures that our positions are not only guided by science but also by a true understanding of the challenges faced by individuals and families dealing with substance use and addiction in their own lives.

Our position statements address prevention, treatment and recovery as they relate to all addictive substances. They seek to inform the public and guide policymaking on critical topics that affect families, from youth vaping to marijuana legalization to medications for opioid use disorder. In each case, they take a balanced and reasoned approach aimed at supporting Partnership’s central mission: to transform how our nation addresses addiction.

Current positions