Fundraise On Our Behalf

Whether you are sharing your recovery journey, creating a memorial in honor of a loved one or fundraising to help further our mission, you are empowering the families we serve. We’re here to help you share and create successful fundraisers as our newest Partner for Hope.

Why fundraise on our behalf

1 in 2 Americans reports having a family member or close friend struggling with addiction.

Addiction is a disease that impacts a staggering number of Americans. Yet so many families find it difficult to connect with the support and resources they need when navigating addiction. With your help, we can multiply our efforts to ensure every family in need finds the tools, resources and actionable support to help them thrive.

By joining us, we hope you will find a strong sense of unity and healing by connecting with others impacted by this disease.

Fundraising ideas and options

If we can all rise up, we can bring light to ending the negative stigma of addiction, and show that no matter what, at the end of the day, there is always hope!
Jay B.
Partner for Hope

What your dollars do

To help ensure your fundraiser is a success, we challenge you to set a fundraising goal of $1,000 or more. No matter the amount raised, you’re supporting our work to transform how our nation addresses addiction.


Steps for success