What Are Parents Doing on Facebook?

Clicking through other parent’s profiles and photo albums. Yes, some parents snoop on other parents. Creepy? Well, according to data from Retrevo, one in three (34%) parents have used Facebook to learn more about the parents of their teen’s friends. It’s healthy to be curious about who the parents of your child’s good friends are—as well as the no-so-good friends. With social networks, like Facebook, it’s easier to learn more about who they are even before you meet them.

Reading comments on their teen’s wall. One of the many roles that parents play is helping our children find peer groups and activities that promote healthy, positive behavior. But it isn’t so easy if you have a teen who’d much rather be online than talk about who his friends are. So, what’s a parent to do? Forty-seven percent of parents say they’ve used Facebook to learn more about their kid’s friends. That’s right—some more snooping. However, once kids reach age 20, parents seem to lose interest in learning about their kids friends through Facebook (18%).

Figuring out who their teen is dating. Some people are very private or secretive—and teens are no exception. But when it comes to their child’s love life, parents want to know the details. Sometimes direct questions are met with a shrug, so some parents are turning to Facebook to find out who their teen is dating. Twelve percent of parents have used Facebook to check out who their kid’s date.

All of the above and more… multiple times a day. Teens aren’t the only ones addicted to Facebook. In fact, fourteen percent of all parents feel nervous or anxious if they don’t check Facebook and/or Twitter, and this number more than doubles when looking at iPhone-owning parents (28%).

Parents, do you snoop online? Let us know below!

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