Top 5 Parent Blog Posts from 2015

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What were the hot topics on our parent blog in 2015? Not surprisingly, marijuana was the subject of our top two posts. (Understandable, since we launched our Marijuana Talk Kit this year.) Other popular topics? Teen drug prevention and recovery support. But the one that’ll warm your heart is our summer intern’s letter to her father.

Here are the top five parent blog posts from 2015:

Ways Marijuana is Used1. Ways Marijuana is Used: A Guide for Parents
Not only is marijuana more potent than it was when today’s parents were growing up, it is also being used in new ways aimed at getting a stronger and longer-lasting high. Educate yourself about what’s out there, in order to have more productive conversations with your teen.

Find out the ways people are consuming marijuana today >

Marijuana vs. Alcohol2. Marijuana vs. Alcohol: What to Say to Your Teen
When it comes to talking with your teen about marijuana and alcohol, it’s not always easy to know what to say. For example, what should you say if your teen asked you, “Would you rather I drink alcohol? Weed is so much safer.”

Instead of getting rattled by your teen’s questions, try these strategies >

Preventing Your Teen from Using Drugs3. Preventing Your Teen from Using Drugs: It’s All About Persuasion
How can parents prevent their kids from using drugs? Guest blogger Theodore Caputi says make it personal. “We need to communicate prevention in terms that kids understand and appreciate,” he suggests.

Find out what Theodore means by “Prevention is all about persuasion” >

Sofia and her father4. Happy Father’s Day. Thanks For Never Giving Up On Me, Dad.
“Ever since I can remember, you’ve been my hero,” our summer intern Sofia Capria’s writes in a letter to her father. “You’ve been by my side through it all. Most of all, you never gave up on me during my battle with drug addiction.”

Read Sofia’s letter to her father >

Continuing Care5. How Do I Support My Teen’s Recovery After Addiction Treatment?
Many parents feel ill-prepared when their child has completed inpatient or outpatient drug addiction treatment. They often feel uncertain about what to expect and have questions about how to best support their teen’s recovery.

Learn ways to deal with complex situations post-treatment >

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    January 23, 2016 at 6:16 PM

    Remembering Sean dortch youtube is a video parents can show their kids of a young talented man taken from his family from substance abuse.The 18 yr old driver was driving intoxicated. There is also a picture of the car online under my sons name that was driven into a tree going 90mh. I wish kids today could understand whether it is alcohol, marijuana, or other drugs it is a danger. I am not sure how many kids just start with marijuana alone. Addiction can take many forms that equally take the talent, ambition, and safety away from so many talented young people. I have seen many talented young lives go from being happy, full of energy, doing great in school and then start the marijuana and drinking. In a short time they become angry, depressed, unmotivated, and failing grades. The sad thing is some youth will still defend it despite the negative consequences it has on their lives and their families.Marijuana can be a gateway drug to other types of drugs. It is best to stay away from it all but I know as a parent it is easier said than done.

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