I Think My Child Needs Treatment. Where Should I Start?

We work with a special group of moms and dads – Parent Coaches – who, just like you, have been affected by a child’s substance use. They are volunteers who receive special training from the Partnership and our clinical partner in order to help other families through similar struggles. In these blog posts, they answer parents’ most frequent questions.

The first place to start is with a comprehensive assessment by an Addiction Psychiatrist, American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) certified addiction professional, or a licensed mental health or counselor with clinical experience working with substance use disorders. The assessment will include demographic information, substance use history, other mental and physical health problems, use of over-the-counter and prescribed medications, and consequences of substance use as well as treatment history and outcomes. You can contact your insurance company or check out Psychology Today to find a substance use disorder professional who can conduct as assessment.

The Partnership provides lots of guidance for Navigating the Treatment System, Understanding Treatment Options and much more within the topic of understanding and finding treatment for your child. Be sure to take advantage of these resources.

Would you like to connect with one of our Specialists for one-on-one help and learn more about Parent Coaching? Email us to get started.