Summer is a Dangerous Time for Teen Drivers

Young drivers today are more likely to blame external causes for mishaps on the road rather than take responsibility.

A study by Liberty Mutual and SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions reveals that one in three teen drivers (34%) have had “near misses” while driving. When asked what caused these “near misses” very few owned up to the close call.

The same young drivers admit to engaging in dangerous behaviors while driving such as speeding, texting while driving, talking to friends or changing songs on their MP3 player. When discussing their “near miss,” these teens and young adults blame other drivers or the weather (21%) but very rarely acknowledge their own dangerous behavior.

With all this being said, 92% of teens polled consider themselves to be safe drivers.

Teens who reported to have “almost accidents” stated that they changed their driving behaviors and limited their distractions temporarily. Their commitment to safer driving was short lived.

Sadly, according to this study, it takes getting into an accident to have lasting changes in driving habits. Almost 70% of teen drivers who have been in an accident claim that their experience has changed their driving habits forever. Unfortunately, many teens who get into accidents due to unsafe driving behavior will not get a second chance.

Now in the height of summer, teens are behind the wheel for more hours of the day. Liberty Mutual and SADD representatives urge parents to sit down with their children to review family rules on the road. Parents need to stress their concerns, according to this study, because many teens do not share these same concerns.

Don’t let your child be the example, talk to your kids about safe driving conditions.