Raising Tween Girls and Working at The Partnership at Drugfree.org

We reached out to Teri Christensen, one of our favorite Partnership moms, to find out what it’s like raising tween girls and working at the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. Watch the video below to see what she had to say!

Teri Christensen,Senior Vice President and Director of Field Operations,has worked with the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids for over a decade. She leads her team and the Alliance program through a number of changes and growth. In her day-to-day job she is committed to the cause and takes great pride in helping families across the country raise healthy drug-free kids.

She works in a home-based office where her daughter, Taylor and Kendall, have been exposed and connected to drug prevention for all of their lives. Teri has always been a hands-on parent however now more than ever she has regular conversations with her daughters about school friends, boys, appropriate and inappropriate language, texting, friendships and, of course, conversations about alcohol and drugs whenever possible.

She has always set very clear expectations with her daughters. Teri admits she may be viewed as nagging or saying something embarrassing but that does not stop her from having regular, on-going conversations with Taylor, Kendall and some of their friends.

As much as she wants to be liked by her girls and their friends she puts her job as mother first and has no issue putting her foot down. Taylor and Kendall know that their moms primary job is to keep them healthy and safe while providing them some of the skills they will need as they grown into teenagers and young adults.

How do you help your teens make healthy choices! Share with us below.