Michael Botticelli: Changing Attitudes on Addiction

Michael Botticelli + Scott PelleyOn 60 Minutes, Michael Botticelli shed light on America’s changing attitudes toward addiction, treatment and recovery. The video featured a candid interview with the Director of National Drug Control Policy. In recovery for 27 years, Botticelli shared, “If I, in some small way can help people to see that there is this huge, incredible life on the other side of addiction, you know, I will feel accomplished in my job.”

Botticelli touches on a range of pressing topics: treatment, straying from incarceration; Rx to heroin abuse; Good Samaritan laws; naloxone; marijuana and destigmatizing addiction.

Subscribe and watch the video to find out Botticelli’s thoughts on these issues and learn how he believes there is help and hope for those struggling with a substance use disorder.  Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

13 Principles of Effective Treatment

Everyone is unique and needs their own unique treatment. Learn more about how to select the most effective substance use treatment for your child.

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    Jody Davison

    December 19, 2015 at 5:18 AM

    I was thrilled to see the interview with Botticelli on a program with such a wide distribution as Sixty Minutes, and just as thrilled to realize that someone with that many years of recovery under his own belt was in a position of authority and saying the things that are so very important, no, crucial, to say. One thing Botticelli said has stayed with me, “Come out of the shadows.” The deception inherent in an addictive problem is that the person whose brain is affected is blinded to the reality by the very fact that the brain is affected. There is a domino effect undermining the relationships that person has, not only with other people, but with him or herself. Loss of self-control, loss of sound judgment, loss of a sense of competence and direction, and the sense of isolation and shame combine to make this illness, along with its pervasive and ubiquitous nature, a violence on humanity of epic proportions.

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