My Husband and I Disagree on How to Help Our Child. What Can We Do?

We work with a special group of moms and dads – Parent Coaches – who, just like you, have been affected by a child’s substance use. They are volunteers who receive special training from the Partnership and our clinical partner in order to help other families through similar struggles. In these blog posts, they answer parents’ most frequent questions.

You are not alone. This is a common theme in every family. It’s no wonder too as the stress, differences of opinion, and learning how to compromise can be exhausting. Getting on that same page does not require you and your husband to agree on everything but rather agree to work with one another for the sake of your child and the entire family.

Evidence tells us that families have better outcomes and are able to engage and help their child when they work together and show a united front. How can you get to that place?

Begin by lessening the mixed signals you might be sending your child. Work together on a plan to support you child as a unified front. You can reach agreement with some give and take. While working on this plan, it is ok to acknowledge the differences and still align your expectations. The more agreement you can reach with your partner, the less stressed you will each feel and the happier you will both be. And with less conflict and stress in general you can, in turn, be more positive with your child.

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