How to Help Minimize the Risks of IV Drug Use [VIDEO SERIES]

One of the outcomes of the current opioid epidemic is an increased rate of intravenous (IV) drug use — meaning directly injecting opioids or other substances into a vein. It’s a practice that layers risk on top of risk. Yet unfortunately, simply knowing the risks isn’t an effective deterrent, nor a bridge to addiction treatment.

It’s important to understand how and why IV drug use may become a factor when someone is struggling with opioid use (including heroin, fentanyl and most prescription pain relievers), We’ve put together a series of four videos (approx. 3 minutes each) that will help explain the relationship between opioid addiction and IV drug use, so that you can help your son or daughter can get the support and treatment they need.

VIDEO ONE: How Opioid Addiction Can Lead to IV Use

VIDEO TWO: How IV Use Creates Additional Risk

VIDEO THREE: How to Spot the Signs of IV Use

VIDEO FOUR: How to Help a Loved One

Watch the Full Video Series on IV Use

If your son or daughter is misusing opioids, it’s important to recognize how and why IV drug use may become a factor. This video series will help you get a better understanding of the risks and how to respond.

IV Drug Use