From Near Death to a New Life: Inspirations from My Drug Addiction and Recovery

The Partnership is excited to introduce our first photo-blogger: artist and painter, Annie Preece.  After spending more than half of her life battling addiction, she made the decision to ask for help and went to treatment.  Since being in recovery her art has flourished.  Her paintings were recently displayed in the LA Downtown Art Walk.  You can watch Annie’s battle with addiction in TLC’s docu-reality series Addicted.


El Sueno

I call this painting “EL SUEÑO” translated it means “The Dream.”  Stuck, twisting in an ugy nightmare, unable to break free, while a bright and beaufiful life is happening all around.



In my addiction I was holding my breath just waiting for something to happen and it almost killed me. When I got sober, I was finally able to exhale.

All images are used with permission © Annie Preece.