9 Stories of 9 Inspiring Dads

This Father’s Day, we celebrate the stories of dads. (Just as we did with stories of moms on Mother’s Day.)

Hear from a daughter thanking her father for never giving up on her. And from a dad who “feels like the luckiest person on the planet” because of his daughter’s recovery – and his own. Read the reflections of a father of two who is a doctor in recovery from prescription pills. And from a dad who, after “ten years in hell” with his son, has come to understand that addiction is a family disease.

When a family is struggling with addiction, it can often feel like everything is falling apart. We’re incredibly proud of the fathers who stood by their children and families with compassion and support. And for their willingness to share their stories and offer hope to others.

Click on each of the nine images below to read these amazing stories:

a doctor in recoveryfather and daughter in recovery from addictiondaughter in recovery from addiction
dad with sons in recovery from addictionhand writing a letter to a child with addictiondavid sheff and son nic
there is hope when facing addictionfather in recoverya father calls on fathers to change the landscape of addicition

Honor a Father in Your Life

Make a tribute gift in honor of a caring and loving father you know — whether it’s your own or someone else’s — and support families struggling with addiction.

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