When Good Medicines Become Bad Drugs

An estimated 15 percent of adults in America — millions of people — suffer with pain that lasts more than three months.  For many of these people, prescription opioid pain medicines are an important part of their treatment for a variety of health conditions. However, when these medications—safe when used as directed, under the supervision of a physician— are used inappropriately or fall into the hands of those without a prescription, they can be as dangerous as illicit drugs like heroin and cocaine.

When Good Medicines Become Bad Drugs, a campaign created by Cephalon, Inc., is designed to educate patients, caregivers and the public about the safe and responsible use of prescription medicines.

When Good Medicines Become Bad Drugs includes:

•    How and why good medicines become bad drugs
•    The value to pain patients and risks to others of prescription opioid medicines
•    How to educate yourself, your children, friends and family about the risks
•    How to recognize warning signs of abuse
•    Tips for safeguarding, storing and disposing of prescription medications at home

The site includes a helpful glossary, links to additional resources, tools for pharmacists, and video tips for patients on how to talk about pain medications with their doctor.


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    Ms. Mosley

    October 16, 2010 at 2:22 PM

    Good Morning Mr. Pasierb.

    I need a video clip on the prevention of heroin abuse. My target audiences are parents, high school students, and communitie. I need this clip asap. Please email it to me at: pasa04@netzero.net. Please help.

    Thank you,
    Ms. Mosley

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    October 9, 2010 at 7:33 AM

    Interesting subject. The marajuana users in my group like to talk about this.

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