What You Say and What You Do Matters to Your Kids

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    Parents – The #1 Influence

    Parents – what you say and what you do matters in the lives of your children, and it’s important to think about how your own drinking may impact your child’s attitudes about drug and alcohol use.

    Sobering Fact: One in five parents (21 percent) acknowledges that they sometimes drink too much alcohol in front of their child or teen.

    Parents are the number one influence in the lives of their kids. Your “model behavior” and how you handle alcohol may directly affect the choices your teens make for themselves.

    Live Facebook Chat with Author of “PILL HEAD: The Secret Life of a Painkiller Addict”

    Please join us for our third “Meet the Parents Hour,” an engaging, LIVE Facebook chat and Q&A session on Friday, March 25 at 12 p.m. EST, discussing prescription drug abuse and what you can do to reduce access.

    The hour will feature Joshua Lyon, author of PILL HEAD: The Secret Life of a Painkiller Addict, a memoir about his own addiction and the cultural phenomenon that has made prescription abuse popular amongst youth. An expert will provide tips on how to monitor, secure and properly dispose of your unwanted and unused medications.

    Join the chat by going to the comment thread on our Facebook wall. (Remember to refresh your browser.) Log on, ask questions, find answers…we want to hear from you!

    Broadening Our Health Resources

    Our new collaboration with Columbia University’s TeenScreen National Center will help us educate families about the link between substance abuse and adolescent mental illness. We will work to provide a broader spectrum of help and support for parents of teens, bringing together information about the need for early identification of mental illness, along with our comprehensive resources on substance abuse addiction and treatment, including Time To Get Help.

    HispanoSano has also come on board as a new partner to support our outreach to the Spanish-speaking community and help provide resources to Hispanic parents and caregivers. Our collaborative efforts encourage Latino parents to play an active role in raising healthy families. Visit HablaConTusHijos.org to learn more.

    —Your Friends at the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids


    March 2011

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