October’s Top 5 Posts: Suboxone, National Health Emergency & More

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Each month, we strive to provide resources, information and answers to families who have a son or daughter struggling with substance use. Many of those resources are provided through our blogs – the Parent Blog for answers to your tough questions and perspective from families who have been there, the Partnership News Service for a curated digest of the drug-related news of the week, and our Newsroom for updates on how the Partnership is addressing the needs of families and their communities.

In case you missed it, the following were our most popular blog posts from October:

1. Is My Son Really in Recovery if He’s Taking Suboxone?
There are many paths to “getting clean” and into recovery from a drug addiction to heroin or painkillers, including taking medicine like Suboxone. Pat A., a Master Addictions Counselor, addresses a parent’s concerns regarding the validity of recovery using medication-assisted treatment.

2. Considering Medication-Assisted Treatment? Make Sure You Know the Fine Print
Continuing with our theme of medication-assisted treatment for the month, we address its concerns. While medication like Suboxone, Vivitrol and Methadone can be life-saving for opioid addiction, it’s important that parents understand some of their challenges.

3. Partnership for Drug-Free Kids Supports Declaration of Nationwide Public Health Emergency
With 144 people dying every day to a drug overdose, the additional tools this declaration provides are critical. Read our statement on this declaration.

4. Cigna Will Stop Covering OxyContin in Effort to Reduce Inappropriate Use
In a big move, health insurer Cigna announced it will stop covering the prescription opioid OxyContin in an effort to reduce inappropriate use of the drug. Instead, it will cover an equivalent drug less vulnerable to being misused.

5. Commentary: Why Recovering Early in Life is a Launching Pad for Success
There are thousands, if not millions, of people who have recovered as adolescents or young adults and gone on to lead amazing lives with successful careers. Here is one example.

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