The Partnership at Presents at JMATE Conference

A handful of staff members of The Partnership at presented this week at the 2012 Joint Meeting on Adolescent Treatment Effectiveness (JMATE), an annual conference in Washington, DC for treatment providers, families, youth, community leaders and policy makers that addresses the latest advances in adolescent substance use disorder treatment.

On Wednesday, Candice Besson, Assistant Director of Public Affairs joined Tom Hedrick, Communications Officer and founding member of the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids to discuss social media and the role it can play in reducing the stigma of addiction. At the discussion, “Social Marketing, Media and Stigma,” Tom and Candice shared some of the social media tactics of our organization and how our strategic presence on social media platforms has helped to effectively deliver substance abuse awareness messages to the public and encourage conversation on the topic among our audiences.

On Thursday, Tom was joined by Sean Clarkin, EVP, Director of Strategy & Program Management and Johanna Bos, Parent Specialist, to present on the topic of substance abuse as the leading driver of criminal activity among juveniles. The panel, “Helping Families of Juvenile Offenders: Resources to Help Families in Crisis,” brought to light the many free resources that exist to help families of juvenile offenders intervene and find drug and alcohol treatment for their loved one. The panel also explored how prosecutors, police officers, probation officials and others can play a key role by linking families to help lines and other available information sources.

To learn more about the annual conference, visit the JMATE website.

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