The Hope Share: A Live Storytelling Event

85 million people in the U.S. have been affected by addiction and over 20 million are in long-term recovery. Imagine if each of them came forward to share a story of recovery or a message of support.

The Hope Share, a new story-sharing portal created by the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, is designed to elevate stories of recovery and inspire others to speak out and help break the stigma and discrimination surrounding addiction.

We’ve teamed up with proud partners of this project, and Faces & Voices of Recovery, to host a unique upcoming virtual experience – The Hope Share: A Live Storytelling Event.

Taking place on Wednesday, February 6th at 9 p.m. EST, participants are encouraged to share their video stories of hope using their webcam during this 90-minute LIVE event to help inspire others and spark meaningful conversation around alcohol and other drug problems and addiction.

To participate in this event, visit Meeting Room 1 here at 9:00 p.m. EST on February 6th.

The event will be moderated by and will feature Pat Taylor, Executive Director, Faces and Voices of Recovery, and Jerry Otero, a Parent Support Specialist from The Partnership at

Share your powerful story and help encourage families who are struggling with a young person’s addiction, and let them know that there is hope, and that recovery is possible.

To participate in this event, visit Meeting Room 1 here at 9:00 p.m. EST on February 6th.

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    Nate Shaw, artist BeBop

    March 8, 2013 at 4:18 AM

    My Stop Message

    If more under the power and insanity of addiction could stop long enough to focus on beginning of a fresh new day without the plague of a bottle of wine, a balloon, spoon and its outfit, a hit and its accompanying glass pipe or anything that must be ingested in some way to relieve the pressure and pain felt by addiction.

    If such could stop long enough to watch the sun rise and endure its soothing warmth and tremendous energy instead of what has become a pest in the sky burning and getting in the way of another beautiful day that can never be seen.

    Stop and try to remember what your teeth were like before this monster called addiction took over the direction of your hygiene. Remember what your bathroom was like around this same time and if you showered or bathed on a regular basis.

    Stop long enough to hear an ole jam mastered by one of the greatest of strings being played on a distant radio. Remember those days and how life was indeed BREEZIN’.

    Stop and reflect on the last night’s peaceful and most comfortable slumber. As well reflect on that significant other you cherish to this day and how the two of you awoke to that beautiful dawn. And in such waking, after experiencing a night never to forget, the two of you put a seal on your love aided even more by the dawn and its rising sun.

    Recall if you will the times on a regular basis when breakfast, lunch and dinner were hot and tasty meals. Remember if such was the reason for all those diets. Remember the service you were treated with at the local supermarket due to the checks that were always honored because not one of them ever bounced. Recall, if you will, how your identification to verify checks had been replaced by your wide smile.

    Compare your domestic quality today to yesterday. I mean; when was the last time you were complimented for your domestication for a bright and cheerful home?
    Stop and calculate the last most consistent lot of paid: rent, gas, electric, newspaper, ebony, jet, playboy, phone, internet and cable bills – not to forget housenotes for those of you. And by consistent I refer to that lot of paid bills years old now. And while your calculating find those receipts for that wide screen television set with DVR, that stereo system with its thousand plus collection of your favorite music, that gold watch with the diamond midnight mount, other jewelry shared out of love and the late model car.
    Maybe after just some of this reflecting one may begin to do more wanting, desiring and yearning other than those times we can get backed up against a wall. As long as that need does not arise those of us who keep saying, “hey; maybe I need to”, may have a shot at recalling to light that missing sun and all its fresh glory.

    You may even find that a rainy day has certain freshness to it for all its intended purposes.

    Like the rain after some polluted problem in a downtown or ghetto alley you think of that monster you are polluted by as the very same. And a good hard rain can be thought of as those tears and flow of snot all pouring without the thought of a man crying or a woman giving in both to surrender. And like the rain there is something fresh and clean throughout that is seen and felt as strength, courage and especially humbleness.

    On the first sun shinny day after the cleansing rain can be seen and felt the very same intensity after one’s own shower -OH YES ! It’s alright to cry ! At least for me it was and is still today. As well there are those I walk with in this fresh new world who feel the very same. There are those witnessed on a regular basis who feel the beginning of this brand new world free of the chains of insanity.

    And if pride should stand in the way of so much pain suffered by addiction than it is only my suggestion that maybe you wait for one of Seattle’s many rainy days or New York, Chicago or Atlanta’s many buckets of rain and walk in it. No one except our Higher Power will notice you in the midst of a wet crowded downtown or lonely ghetto street CLEANING HOUSE. . .


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    February 4, 2013 at 2:34 AM

    Any day clean is a good day

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    January 25, 2013 at 1:00 PM

    I think this is a great idea

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