How to Talk With Your Teen About Marijuana

talk with your teens about mjMarijuana, legal or otherwise, is a hot topic, so it is more important than ever for parents to protect their kids’ health and development by addressing this issue early and often. Not only is the mentality around marijuana changing, but the dialogue used to talk with your teen about drugs is as well. Research shows that lecturing, tough love, using scare tactics and one-way conversations are highly ineffective in getting your points and concerns heard by teenagers.

So what should this new drug talk look like? What can you say? What if your teen pushes back? Check out our brand new resource for parents and caregivers, “How to Talk With Your Teen About Marijuana.” This short guide can point you in the right direction and equip you with the right words and tools to help you have a productive conversation with your teen.

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Recreational Marijuana Legalized in Oregon and Alaska

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    Todd Hasson

    July 17, 2015 at 6:01 AM

    We live in California. My 19 yr old son was able to obtain a medical card easily on his 18th birthday. It cost him $50 and it was issued by a clinic MD. This supported his argument that it is “legal” to consume and possess marijuana in CA. So the statement that it is ilegal to have/consume for those under 21 yrs is not correct!! It’s a joke how the state of CA has allowed the issuance of medical cards. They should call it what it is ” a pass to by pot”. We have tried everything to help our son but he believes that he is a better more relaxed & focused person when he smokes weed. Not much we can do other than allow him to learn the hard way.

    Get your data from reliable and non-partisan sources otherwise you will have no effect other than to show your kids you lack the honesty or commitment to address this issue from a realistic and truthful perspective.

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    walt thomson

    November 6, 2014 at 7:04 AM

    I want to share my experience with you kids,I want to see you live and enjoy your lives and not have them interrupted and wasted with substance abuse…
    Growing up,I saw my younger brother using heroine,,at 16 yrs old,,he made life miserable for my parents..he was near death more than once and had not reached his 16th year..
    I will fast forward now to my 67th yr,,,
    I have seen much,,sat with alcohol and heroine addicts in my time,,,both of them telling me the worst addiction they have felt was alcohol…so be careful little ones,,because this one is the legal one ,imagine,,being told that alcohol abuse will hurt you more than heroine !!!
    In my personal life,,due to failing health,I came to be a patient in what is known as “pain control”,,where the patient in given pain pills,injections to the effected areas..But to make a long story short,,the pills you are given are addicting,,it creeps up on you slow and silent,,next thing you know,you body,is suffering the ugly effects of withdrawal,,if it is not fed some more of the drug,,,.it began 8 yrs ago for me.
    I have had 2 major surgeries ,,spine and hip,since it all began,,,and now I am working hard to remove these addictive pills from my life,,it is not easy kids,,I promise you..but I am doing it..The doctors involved in my treatment do not have the exit” plan,,to get you off these drugs,,,isn’t that something,,,??they can prescribe this medicine,,they think they can monitor a patient,,but when you experience the detoxification process,,most of the suffering you go through will be up to you,,you must be strong,,if you want your life back…
    Now our country is slowly accepting medical Marijuana…so you kids will be curious I am sure…and be careful,,it is on the market for a reason,,,for pain control and so many other conditions …and like any other treatment for a condition…the medicine is to be used for the person in need of the medicine…
    If you find your self simply wanting to try these things ,,that should sent up the warning flag,,,maybe you are having a hard time,, dealing with something in your life,,or some uncomfortable experience is hare to face,,,remember to get to you parents ,,or the one in your life who cares about you,,,and talk,,,talk it all our,,let that person know what is going on….and how you are feeling,,,
    Live your life ,,,,

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    Matthew Kuehlhorn

    November 5, 2014 at 12:26 PM

    Thanks for this guide. Yes, the conversation needs to change and I would like to see getting farther away from sensationalism and into honest information sharing.

    Youth are smart and they want the facts — as best as we can offer to them.

    This guide is a decent start.

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