Statement from Marcia Lee Taylor, Partnership President and CEO, on DEA’s Decision on Marijuana Scheduling

A letter issued today by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Acting Administrator, Chuck Rosenberg, states that marijuana will remain a Schedule I substance under the Controlled Substances Act, while encouraging further scientific research into the medical applications of marijuana.

The DEA’s decision is based on a scientific evaluation and the definition for Schedule I in statute. It is not a statement on the relative danger of the substance compared to other controlled substances, but it does underscore the fact that marijuana has a high potential for abuse. We appreciate that DEA let science guide this decision and that they are taking steps to support expanding research into whether any component of marijuana may have medicinal value as an FDA approved product.

Regardless of scheduling and laws surrounding medical and/or recreational use, marijuana is dangerous for the still-developing teen brain. Amidst the backdrop of an ever-changing drug landscape, it’s more important than ever that parents protect their kids’ health and development by addressing marijuana use early and often.

One place to start is the Partnership’s free Marijuana Talk Kit, a comprehensive guide that addresses the new challenges families face with their teens around the topic of marijuana, and equips parents with the tools they need to have productive conversations with their kids about the drug.

Today’s letter from the DEA underscores that the national dialogue about marijuana continues to be a relevant topic to American families and the Partnership is here to help parents navigate conversations about marijuana use.