Spreading Awareness about Prescription Medication Abuse in May

This month, the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids is participating in various events around the country to help address the issue of prescription drug abuse. Here’s a snapshot of what’s going on in May:

On May 4, our President and CEO Steve Pasierb presented at George Mason University in Arlington, Virginia as part of the fourth annual Attorneys General Education Program Public Policy Conference. This year’s theme was “The Pharmaceutical Industry: Economics, Regulation and Legal Issues.” Steve’s session addressed how to reduce prescription (Rx) medication misuse and abuse. He shared our research and announced our upcoming campaign, Wake Up To Medicine Abuse Week, set to take place this September.

On May 10, Steve delivered the morning keynote at the Women in Government’s Outreach to Vulnerable Populations Conference, themed “Building Better Futures for America’s Teens & Young Adults.”  The conference was held in Portland, Oregon as the precursor to the Women in Government Western Regional Conference. The vulnerable populations focus brought together women state legislators from across the country to discuss current and emerging policy issues affecting teens and young adults, including addiction. Steve spoke on the prescription drug abuse epidemic in America, sharing recent data from both the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He examined what has been effective in various communities across the nation and discussed key points of leverage especially for elected officials, including advocating for mandatory prescriber education, prescription drug monitoring programs, using media to educate constituents and supporting national efforts to mobilize the public against medicine abuse. View Steve’s full presentation on the Women in Government website.

Also on May 10 and May 11, Marcia Lee Taylor, our Senior Vice President of Government Affairs, attended and participated in the National Governors Association’s Experts’ Roundtable on Reducing Prescription Drug Abuse in Washington, DC. The event convened a group of leading experts on the problem of Rx drug abuse, including researchers, practitioners, policymakers, representatives from state and federal agencies and representatives of the private sector. The roundtable addressed challenges, potential solutions and resources available to states.