September eNewsletter: Be Part of the Solution – Join New Campaign Dedicated to Families Facing Addiction

Introducing You Are Not Alone

It’s been an especially busy time at the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids with the launch of a new, transformative campaign, You Are Not Alone.  It calls on all those affected by addiction – individuals, families, communities and organizations – to take action and help our kids in need.

You Are Not Alone comes to life in a collection of stories, each one a message dedicated to the families of the 11 million teens or young adults who are struggling with substance abuse.

You Are Not Alone: Libby Cataldi's Story

This public storytelling – stories of isolation, of heartbreak, and ultimately, of hope and healing – puts a face to this disease. And it brings together the millions directly impacted by addiction with those families who currently have a teen who needs help.

“When I had breast cancer I opened the door and there were 20 women helping me. Everybody wanted to help me. But when my son was an addict I opened the door, and there wasn’t anybody there. So you’re alone and you isolate yourself. What are you supposed to do?” – Libby Cataldi

“I just want you to know there are folks  to help you, there is support out there and you are never alone to go through this.”

– Jan Lajeunesse

By working together, amassing the voices of millions – those who know what families are going through and how much may be reclaimed if we can get our teens and young adults the help they need – we can open a new dialogue around addiction and lower the barriers that stand in the way of finding effective treatment and recovery.

Please be a part of You Are Not Alone.  Watch a video. Share your own story. Help families solve the problem of teen substance abuse. Get involved today.


Take a Look at our You Are Not Alone Stories

Libby Cataldi and Jeff Bratton
Libby Cataldi, author of Stay Close, and her son Jeff Bratton faced a long road of shame, stigma and guilt during Jeff’s 14-year addiction to heroin.  Watch as they share their inspiring story of triumph and their ultimate realization that, by leaning on one another, recovery is possible.

Kim Manlove
When Kim Manlove lost his 16-year-old son David in a drug-related accident, he committed to educating others about the importance of getting help. After months of denial during David’s addiction, the family realized that they were not alone. As he shares his story, Kim says “the only thing more powerful than the disease of addiction is the power that comes from sharing experiences, strength and hope with others.”


You’re Invited: First Virtual Town Hall Event With In The Rooms and

Mark your calendars and join us for our first-ever virtual town hall event, co-hosted with two of our You Are Not Alone campaign partners, In The Rooms and

“Are All People Struggling with Addiction Created Equal?” is a live, two-hour town hall taking place on Tuesday, September 27 from 8:00-10:00 pm EDT and will be an online discussion and panel Q&A. We will explore how addiction impacts different segments of our society and the many paths to recovery. Join us for an in-depth conversation with some of the top names from the medical, entertainment and literary worlds.

In The Rooms is the premier online social network for the recovery community worldwide and is a newly launched daily website about alcoholism, addiction and recovery.

Stay tuned for event registration details and more information on the full panel of speakers.

Steve Pasierb, President

the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

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    September 15, 2011 at 5:07 PM

    Of course not all addicts are equal. Just ask a sex addict. Or better still, share with someone that you are sex addict and see their expression and body language change involuntarily.

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