Response to White House Announcement of New Funding to Address the Country’s Prescription Opioid Abuse and Heroin Epidemic

Prescription Medicine On The American Flag

The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids applauds the White House’s comprehensive approach and allocation of increased resources to address the prescription drug abuse and heroin epidemic in the United States. The White House budget announcement of a new mandatory $1 billion in funding over two years will provide critical access to treatment for heroin and prescription drug abuse and will enhance the nation’s efforts to provide overdose prevention through the administering of life-saving naloxone medication. Today’s announcement is a vital step in addressing the current prescription drug and heroin crisis, and we commend the White House for its leadership on an issue that affects far too many families across our nation.

This White House budget news means positive changes for healthcare providers, emergency response workers, law enforcement, patients, prevention and recovery advocates in fighting this epidemic. But what this means for a family that is struggling with this issue is beyond measure. In our work to help families find answers, we have met far too many parents who have lost a child to an overdose.

We know that when someone’s son or daughter is finally ready to enter treatment, only to find that there is no treatment bed available, there is a tragic, missed opportunity for a new and healthy future. Greater access to treatment will, without question, help prevent heartache and loss for families and loved ones.

We are hopeful that what the President has proposed, combined with the provisions in the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA) and the conversations around addiction on the presidential campaign trail will provide the necessary influx of resources needed to address all aspects of this epidemic – from prevention and intervention to treatment and recovery.

The tide is finally turning. Please thank the White House on Twitter for both action and dollars toward reversing this epidemic. @WhiteHouse @POTUS @ONDCP #howmanyfamilies #opioids

Director Botticelli will be hosting a Twitter Q&A this afternoon starting at 5:00 p.m. ET and will be answering questions regarding the announcement. Join in and share your support for families affected by this crisis.