President and CEO Steve Pasierb Addresses Marijuana Legalization at DAGA

Steve Pasierb, our President & CEO, spoke at the Democratic Attorneys General Association’s Fall Policy Forum on Monday, September 22. In attendance were seventeen State Attorneys General, Democratic candidates and policy experts. The Forum’s agenda covered various pressing topics including election updates, crime policy, state drug policy reform and a keynote address from former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell.

The Partnership presented a panel discussion titled Marijuana: It’s Complicated. It was moderated by Attorney General Bob Ferguson of Washington and included Steve; Dr. Marsha Rosenbaum, Director Emerita of the Drug Policy Alliance; and Dr. Dave Gastfriend, President and CEO of Treatment Research Institute.

Steve spoke on the evolving landscape of marijuana in light of its new policies being adopted across the states, the subsequently changing public view regarding legalization, industry marketing that will inevitably target teens and the preeminence of establishing an effective prevention and treatment infrastructure that will limit the long-term harm that marijuana can cause to kids.