Pasierb Presents at Pharmacy Public Health Symposium

Steve Pasierb, President and CEO of the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

On Wednesday, January 26, the Massachusetts Health Council presented its 13th annual Pharmacy Public Health Symposium, one of the largest continuing education programs for pharmacists practicing in the Commonwealth. Our President and CEO, Steve Pasierb, delivered a presentation entitled, “Is the Medicine Cabinet Contributing to Teenage Drug Abuse: Educating Parent-Patients on Preventing Access to Their Prescription Drugs.” 

Pasierb shared our organization’s extensive national research on teenage medicine abuse, as well as the attitudes, beliefs and the many motivations teens bring to substance abuse behavior. He guided pharmacists to a web resource specifically designed to help parents address this issue called Not In My House that we developed with support from Abbott. Pasierb also encouraged pharmacists to recommend the resource – which is backed by the deeper intervention and treatment resources at – to all patients who fill prescriptions for medications that can be potentially abused.
Finally, Pasierb reviewed a new community education presentation that pharmacists can use in their own neighborhoods to empower and educate their patients.  Entitled “Time To Act Community Education,” the prepackaged presentation, with embedded video, specifically focuses on drug abuse intervention and highlights the steps parents need to take when they think or know their child is abusing drugs and alcohol.  It is designed to give the speaker an impactful presentation, yet provides flexibility for presenters to add their own content as well. With science-based information sourced from our popular Time To Act intervention web site, this new community presentation was created with support from an unrestricted educational grant provided by Purdue Pharma and is available to presenters for free.

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