The Partnership in the News in 2017

Over the course of our 30-year history, we are proud to be not only a direct resource families, but also serve as an expert resource for the media who bring attention, awareness and action around our issue.

By working with members of the news media to share news of our comprehensive programs, resources and tools, we amplify our messages and bring forth the personal stories of the families we work with to create change, provide help and offer hope to those who are struggling with an addiction.

“Should You Tell Your Teen You Tried Alcohol or Drugs?”
The Wall Street Journal

“How To Talk to Your Kids About Opioids
PBS News Hour

“Health Care Bill Could Boot People With Addiction Out of Treatment”
TIME Magazine

“What Are the Signs My Teen Might Be Misusing ADHD Medications?”
US News & World Report

“Ready to Get Off Opioids? How to Make Recovery Stick”
Philadelphia Inquirer

“One-in-Four Teenagers Say They’ve Abused Rx Drugs”
Yahoo News

“Why Its Risky for College Students to Take ADHD Meds to Help Them Study”
US News & World Report

“Trump’s Anti-Opioid Advertising Campaign Needs Millions”
The Hill

“How to Talk To Your Kids About Opioids”
San Francisco Chronicle

“College Now the Place to Try Pot”
US News & World Report

“After Her Son Battled Addiction for Years, Here’s How One Mother Found Healing”
Woman’s Day Magazine/Blog

“Oklahomans Support Parents’ Dealing With Their Kids Addictions in Person and By Phone”
The Oklahoman

“Parents Looking For Help for Kids Using Drugs Get a Hotline, Maybe A Coach”
The Tennessean

“Legalized Pot Sends More Teens to ER in Colorado, Study Finds”

“Do You Tell Your Kids About Your Past Drug Use?”
Asbury Park Press


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