New Strategic Partners for the Hispanic Parents and Communities

We are delighted to announce two new strategic partners to help support our outreach to the Latino and Spanish-speaking community. The National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN) is helping us provide resources to Spanish-speaking parents and caregivers.  The many moms that make up NAHN’s members will also carry our messages forward, helping us reach even more parents with tools to prevent and find treatment for drug and alcohol use by their children.  NAHN will be key in supporting the expansion of our Habla Con Tus Hijos initiative and will collaborate with us on creating additional, multi-faceted Spanish-language content.

Boasting more than 36,000 members, the National Hispanic Medical Association (NHMA) has also come on board to help us promote our online tools and resources across their organization’s communication channels. The NHMA, which also has a majority of members who are parents themselves, has developed a Hispanic Health portal and will feature our bilingual prevention content under a family health section that is now in development.  Parents often turn to their physicians when seeking family health advice and NHMA members will be actively referring Hispanic parents to our resources for guidance and support.  At their national conference in 2011, the NHMA will also host a training session on Padres360, our community education program that provides valuable insights to Hispanic parents about why teens use drugs and alcohol and how parents can address substance abuse in their own families.

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