New Partner Helps Reach Thousands of Moms For a Worthy Cause

We are delighted to announce that Mom Prom has joined us to reach moms across the country with the most relevant tips, tools and resources to raise healthy teens.  In 2006, Betsey Paulsen Crapps, founder of Mom Prom and mother of three, wanted to make an impact and initiate positive change, so she hosted a unique event to do just that — her first Mom Prom. Six years later, thousands of moms across the country are wearing their prom, bridesmaid and even wedding dresses for a mom’s night out while raising money for worthy causes.

“I think, as women, our main goal is to care for others.  This is a wonderful way in which we can have fun and raise money for a charity that is close to our hearts.  The Mom Prom is something every woman can do and it brings women together as a community, all working toward the same goal,” Betsey said.

Mom Prom will promote our extensive tools and resources for parents, host our ads to raise awareness about teen substance abuse and host feature articles highlighting issues and concerns parents need to be aware of when it comes to their teens. Additionally, Betsey will be a regular contributor on our blog, Decoder, sharing her thoughts and insight with other parents.

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