March’s Top 5 Posts: Advice on Insurance Coverage for Addiction & More

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We strive to provide the best resources, information and answers for families struggling with substance use. Many of those resources are provided through our blogs – the Parent Blog for answers to your tough questions and perspective from families who have been there, the Partnership News Service for a curated digest of the drug-related news of the week, and our Newsroom for updates on how the Partnership is addressing the needs of families and their communities.

In case you missed it, the following were our most popular blog posts from March:

1. What Are the Current Drug Trends Among Teens and Young Adults?
Drug trends among teens and young adults evolve from generation to generation. Edward Barias of the Hanley Center discusses the latest trends and what parents need to know.

2. Your First Call with Your Insurance Provider: What to Ask about Substance Use Coverage
Lindsey Vuolo from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Use explains how many parents don’t know that, in many cases, your insurance provider is actually obligated to cover a child’s substance use disorder — and describes how to be prepared on your first call to help ensure coverage.

3. I Just Got Denied Coverage: Now What? How to File an Insurance Appeal for Substance Use Disorder
Continuing our insurance series, what do you do if the insurance company denies your claim for your child’s coverage? Garry Carneal of the Kennedy Forum explains how to file an appeal as standard follow-up practice.

4. Increase in Street Drug Laced With Bug Spray Reported in Indiana
Learn more about an increase in overdoses of a street drug known as KD, which is laced with bug spray.

5. How to Properly Document Your Contact with Your Insurance Company
It’s so important to keep your own documentation when speaking with your insurance company. Bill Williams and Margot Head, parent advocates from New York who lost their son William to a drug overdose, and David Trueman, an attorney in New York and an advocate for families navigating health insurance coverage, provide their guidance on how to do this to best protect your family.

Read more from the Parent Blog, Partnership News Service or Newsroom.

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