February’s Top 5 Posts: Advice from a Masters Addiction Counselor & Perspectives on Recovery

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We strive to provide the best resources, information and answers for families struggling with substance use. Many of those resources are provided through our blogs – the Parent Blog for answers to your tough questions and perspective from families who have been there, the Partnership News Service for a curated digest of the drug-related news of the week, and our Newsroom for updates on how the Partnership is addressing the needs of families and their communities.

In case you missed it, the following were our most popular blog posts from February:

1. Am I Enabling My Child By Helping Them?
We asked Master Addictions Counselor Mary Ann Badenoch to address this frequent question. She offers a reframing of the idea of enabling – one that focuses on setting limits, encouraging healthy behaviors and ignoring unwanted ones.

2. Love Alone Can’t Treat Addiction, But It Can Make a Big Difference
Find hope and inspiration from three young people in recovery. Their stories are a love letter to the parents who never gave up on them.

3. What If My Child Isn’t Motivated to Get Treatment for Addiction?
Master Addictions Counselor Mary Ann Badenoch offers tips for talking with your child, so you can better understand his or her mixed feelings about getting treatment.

4. What If My Spouse and I Don’t Agree on How to Handle Our Child’s Substance Use?
Disagreements aren’t uncommon when addressing a child’s substance use. Master Addictions Counselor Mary Ann Badenoch offers suggestions on how to work together to improve communication and collaboration with your spouse or partner so you can better help your son or daughter.

5. The Super Bowl Takes Courage, Perseverance and Teamwork. So Did Our Sons’ Recovery.
Paul Kusiak, a parent and advocate, knows how hard it is to overcome addiction. He draws some apt comparisons of his sons’ accomplishments to those of their beloved New England Patriots.

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