Families Gather in Washington, D.C. to Advocate for CARA 2.0

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The staggering death toll — 174 people dying every day to accidental drug overdoses — is only the tip of the iceberg of the opioid crisis. The human tragedies will continue to mount so long as those suffering from addiction and their families face barrier upon barrier: waitlists for treatment; lack of insurance coverage; subpar healthcare; a medical community unprepared to treat their disease; as well as the stigma that continues to be associated with addiction.

We know that when families are provided with support, they feel more confident and hopeful helping their loved one navigate the treatment system and seek recovery. We know that supported families are more resilient and will continue to fight for increased resources for their loved ones.

This week, families from across the country will gather in Washington, D.C. to advocate for greater access to treatment for addiction, increased use of naloxone and recovery support. In doing so they will raise awareness about the obstacles parents face getting help for a son or daughter with a substance use disorder, and they will demonstrate how much support families like theirs need and deserve.

These parents will be asking their Members of Congress to support an enhanced version of the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act, otherwise known as CARA 2.0, which was introduced by Senators Portman and Whitehouse in February. The legislation authorizes an additional $1 billion in funding to address the current crisis.

However, the legislation makes no mention of funding for family support services. Members of Congress need to be educated about the value of supporting families and the impact a federal funding stream devoted to family support programs will have on turning the tide on the opioid epidemic.

Contact your Members of Congress

Join these families by telling your Member of Congress to include family support language in CARA 2.0.

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