Dispose of Unused Medicine — Find a Take-Back Location

dispose of medicineBecause medicines are commonly found in family medicine cabinets, on top of dressers, in kitchen cabinets, and in other accessible locations, it is important to take stock of the drugs in your home. If you have unwanted or expired prescriptions, you must dispose of them in order to keep your child safe.

Here are two easy ways to dispose of your medicines – and protect your child from the dangers of prescription medicine:

1. Find a take-back location near you

Wondering where to dispose of prescription drugs? Check out the American Medicine Chest Challenge, which has established a national directory of permanent prescription collection sites in 50 states across the country. Find the center nearest you and dispose of your medicines today >

You can also learn more about safely disposing of your medicine and find out about upcoming Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)-facilitated take-back events on the DEA website.

2. At-Home Prescription Medication Disposal:

If you are unable to attend a drug take-back day or cannot get to a permanent prescription collection site, you can still dispose of your medicines. Because it is bad for our environment (the ground, water and air) to flush medicine down the toilet, try mixing unwanted prescription medicines with coffee grounds or kitty litter. This makes pills less appealing and less recognizable to anyone who can see your trash – including your kids. For more information on at-home disposal, check out this FDA guide.


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