Art Alexakis and Barbara Eden Among New Stories Featured in You Are Not Alone

We are proud to unveil a new, moving collection of videos as part of our You Are Not Alone campaign, shot by Clio award-winning director Lori Hoeft. The impactful series of testimonials helps further the goal of You Are Not Alone: to create a message of hope for the families of teens and young adults caught in the grips of a drug addiction, and to remove the stigma and misunderstanding that often prevents them from seeking help.

Among those featured are Art Alexakis, lead singer and guitarist of Everclear, Barbara Eden of the classic television sitcom “I Dream of Jeannie,” skateboarding legend Christian Hosoi, actor and filmmaker Josh Leonard and mother of three Jane Paulsen, all of whom have had unique, firsthand experience with the issue of substance abuse.

Lori, whose “Cleaning Girl” PSA for the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids was shortlisted for a Clio award, was particularly inspired to create these videos as a vital message for survivors of addiction.

“Each individual we shot had a unique point of view to share from their own experiences. They openly relayed their stories of tragedy and redemption,” Lori said of the subjects she filmed for this project. “As a director, I’m in a position to tell stories that heal and empower people. I can make a difference so that others can find a more effective way to deal with such a huge, devastating problem.”

“Lori’s enthusiasm for this project was incredible,” said Rebecca Shaw, VP, Director of Creative Development for the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids.  “Her passion for the cause and her dedication to capturing authentic experiences was fueled by her belief in the power of sharing these stories with families who need to know they aren’t alone and that recovery is possible.”

We encourage you to view and share these powerful new videos with friends and family.  We hope the stories contained within will inspire those facing addiction to understand that they are not alone.

About Lori Hoeft

Director Lori Hoeft has a degree in filmmaking from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. She is a member of the Directors Guild of America and won a Clio Award for her Nike spot. Her “Cleaning Girl” PSA for the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids was shortlisted for a Clio award. Hoeft has directed other pieces around the theme of drug abuse and addiction as well as cyber bullying. Having lost friends to drug overdoses, Lori was particularly inspired to create these videos as a vital message for survivors of addiction, removing the stigma and shame that often surrounds the disease. She teamed up with Andrew Manne at Rock Paper Scissors on editing, Beau Leon of New Hat for telecine and Drazen Bosnjak of Q Department in NY who composed the very emotive ambient soundtrack. Jules Revelle was responsible for still photography, and in an homage to Richard Avedon, a portrait accompanies each testimonial.

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    Sheryl Letzgus McGinnis

    February 7, 2012 at 12:38 PM

    I personally feel Barbara Eden’s pain. She lost her only child to addiction. I lost my youngest son. I wrote an anti-drug book for children called “The Addiction Monster and the Square Cat.” I sent it to Barbara Eden and she graciously sent me a hand-written note complimenting the book and said that every parent/grandparent should have a copy in their home. I was very touched.

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