Jeremy Glass (12/30/1987 - 9/5/2008)

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Jeremy had a passion for life that inspired me all the time.  He possessed  love, wisdom, sensivity and unimaginable concern for others. He had lots of wonderful friends. When Jeremy enjoyed doing something, he would master it; like skiing, horseback riding, football, baseball, paintball, camping, hunting to mention just a few.  He deeply cared about the feelings of his friends and family.  He would do anything for the people he loved.
He began using drugs when he shattered his knee playing High School football at 15 years old.  He was crushed that his HS football career wasn't going to happen.  The oxycodine he was prescribed after his 3 surgeries, just seemed to open hell's door for Jeremy. He was someone who swore he would never drink or take drugs.  But, unfortunately he was cursed with the addiction gene. And his drug use progressed from there.

Jeremy was attending college at University of Maryland, University College in College Park, MD.  He had several hiatus periods when he would go for drug treatment.  Last summer we found out that he was using heroin!  He accepted treatment and went to Roxbury Treatment center in Pennsylvania and following treatment, he went to a halfway house in Del Ray Beach, Fla.

Jeremy relapsed in Florida and was to spend two days at home before going to long-term treatment in Arizona.  He appeared to be ready to get off drugs and wanted to get well. But the night before he was going to leave, he thought that he'd have one last high and be done with it (I'm assuming). Well tragically, it was the one LAST of everything! He lost his life using heroin. What a tragic waste of a beautiful life!!!

 It was a long struggle for Jeremy (and our family) trying to achieve sobriety.  A struggle he lost on September 7, 2008.  We are devastated by his death.  It's a loss that we can hardly bear.  We miss him desparately.  Our lives are changed forever by this irreplaceable loss.  We grieve for him every waking minute.
I am organizing a 5k walk/run on Memorial Day 2009 in Jeremy's memory.  The proceeds will benefit the Partnership for a Drug Free America.

I can only pray that my beautiful child is now at blissful peace.  I
love you and miss you, Jeremy, with all my heart. 

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    Kelly Roberts

    March 14, 2017 at 4:59 PM

    Your story touched my heart profoundly. I am the proud mother of Kami Leigh Roberts. 9-26-10982/06-09-2013. She was my heart. My only child. She went to sleep here in the house I raised her in, on a warm Sunday morning almost 4 yrs ago. It seems like decades and sometimes it feels like minutes bc I relive that morning over and over. She too went to heaven due to opiates. Pills were different than heroin bc its “safe”. Most heroin addicts start with those “safe” pills that Dr’s handed out like candy for decades. She went to 4 Dr’s in 6 days. The last 2 gave her what she and her “husband”wanted. He was the addict and then the enabler, to fuel the fire he started. God bless our babies with the sweetest hearts and souls. Without her I would have never known what true unconditional love is. Like yourself, I sent my child to rehab and was days away from doing it again. She was clean, off and on for 6mths until that last wk. She was so beAutiful inside and out as was Jeremy. My heart breaks for your family. God bless you for doing the things you have for the cause. Ive been paralyzed w very little support…her father was not in her life much…it devastated our family bc she was the shining star with the biggest heart. So loved. So so loved. Shes googleable. Thankyou for reading my story. We are not alone.

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    September 6, 2016 at 12:18 PM

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. I’m so sorry for your loss.

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