drugs (6/8/1983 - 3/9/2003)

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I lost my best friend when she was 18, I was 17. She was murdered. 5 guys we were 'friends' with robbed her & killed her, all because of drugs. Her mom had a pound of weed, and about $400. They had been on a 1 week binge, and needed a fix. They broke into her house, robbed her, and beat her to death. All because they were messed up on drugs, and needed money for another fix....

A beautiful, smart, compassionate 18 year old girls life is over now. She is gone, leaving behind a mom, dad , younger sister and countless friends. Life will never be the same for anyone who knew her. We will never forget her smile, her laugh or the way she lit up a room. I will never forget the way she loved with all of her heart, the way she could brighten the darkest days... I'd give anything for one more hug, one more I love you...

5 guys lost their lives. They are all in prison for life, no chance of parole. ALL because of drugs.  Their children are father-less... Their parents are heartbroken...

Many many lives, all changed forever, because of drugs.

J- I will never forget you. You will remain in my heart forever. I will tell people your story, and hope that it will help at least 1 person. I will tell your nephew, your namesake, what an amazing person you were, how strong you were. I will never stop fighting for what is right, because I know if it was reversed, you'd do the same for me. I will always know in my heart that you were what saved my life. I miss you more than any words could describe. Id give anything for one more day with you... But, I know you will always be watching over me & your nephew, and when my time comes, you'll be there in heaven, waiting for me. I love you.


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