Benjamin Keyton (12/30/1978 - 12/30/2010)

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It was so hard to watch my brother(my best friend) and the man with the biggest heart in the entire world literally die before my eyes at the age of 31 because of long term acohol use. His heart stopped at a charity event he was doing for a type of illness I have. And it took mine with it. He was a shining star, and always will be. I have gained strength out of this loss and out of the loss of a lot of friends in the community as well due to drugs and alcohol has prompted me try and start a kids club for youth in our community to talk about drugs and alcohol and what they really do to your life... I want kids to know that after all the fun there is nothing but tears.

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    December 13, 2011 at 1:30 PM is off to a start 🙂

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